08 March 2013

Happy International Women's Day !

Sana sini semua orang asyik wish selamat hari wanita. dah wish kat omma masing-masing ke belum? hehehe. dan jangan lupa wish kat diri sendiri jugak.maybe hari ni boleh rehat sekejap kot dari buat kerja-kerja rumah duduk depan tv goyang-goyang kaki sket.husband tak marah kot sebab harini hari wanita sedunia kanss...mari baca ni, jangan amik serius, aku pun copy paste ja sebab sounds good untuk dijadikan inspiration dan semangat sempena hari wanita ni kan.

To all the fearless women around the world who are moms, CEO’s, wives, daughters, friends and etc., etc.

When God created woman, He was working late on the 6th day.
An angel came by and said: “Why spend so much time on that one?”
And the Lord answered,
“Have you seen all the specifications I have to meet to shape her? She must be washable, but not made of plastic, have more than 200 moving parts which all must be replaceable and she must function on all kinds of food, she must be able to embrace several kids at the same time, give a hug that can heal anything from a bruised knee to a broken heart and she must do all this with only two hands”.
The angel was impressed. “Just two hands….impossible!”  And this is the standard model?
“Too much work for one day….wait until tomorrow and then complete her”.
“I will not”, said the Lord. “I am so close to complete this creation, which will be the favourite of my heart”.
“She cures herself when sick and she can work 18 hours a day”
The angel came nearer and touched the woman.
“But you have made her so soft, Lord”
“She is soft”, said the Lord “But I have also made her strong. You can’t imagine what she can endure and overcome.”
“Can she think?” the angel asked.
The Lord answered: “Not only can she think, she can reason and negotiate.”
The angel touched the woman’s cheek. “Lord, it seems this creation is leaking! You have put too many burdens on her.”
“She is not leaking….it’s a tear” the lord corrected the angel.
“What’s it for?” asked the angel.
And the Lord said: “Tears are her way of expressing grief, her doubts, her love, her loneliness, her suffering and her pride.“
This made a big impression on the angel; “Lord, you are genius. You thought of everything. The woman is indeed marvellous!”
Indeed she is! Woman has strengths that amazes man. She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens. She holds happiness, love and opinions. She smiles when feeling like screaming. She sings when she feels like crying, crys when she is happy and laughs when she is afraid.
She fights for what she believes in. Stand up against injustice. She doesn’t take “no” for an answer, when she can see a better solution. She gives herself so her family can thrive. She takes her friend to the doctor if she is afraid. Her love is unconditional.
She cries when her kids are victorious. She is happy when her friends do well. She is glad when she hears of a birth or a wedding.
Her heart is broken when a next of kin or friend dies. But she finds the strength to get on with life.
She knows that a kiss and a hug can heal a broken heart.
There is only one thing wrong with her – She forgets what she is worth.


Semoga semua wanita kat dunia ni bertambah bahagia dan dikasihi semua orang ~



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