01 February 2011

There is a WOMAN

there is a woman. not so old, not so young.i doubt.maybe she is an old woman but look like a young women.hehehe.but who cares?

I CARE.because....the way she dress up make me want to uwekkk..uwekkk..

with a blond hair.when i mention BLOND.really blond lah.like a malay phrase ~ blond kaw-kaw.maybe her shower already got rusty kot.maybe la..i think she like the way she look now and like the way people look at her...weird lady..for me.

everyday wears legging to work...usually three quarter legging la.i do not sure whether she's an operator or what.legging and a very tight tshirt. some says, she is not a 'kakak' nor 'makcik'. she's already a nanny lah..already got few grandchildrens. so imagine la kan.

blond hair, legging, tight tshirt, makeup? gosh..10inch. i can see her blusher from 10km.hehehe. 10-12cm heel.so pelik.working or clubbing?

someone really need to slow talk to this nanny la...i don't care if she want to wear like that at other place.but to work?in a factory? while other people wear jeans and tshirt.haish.wake up la nanny. i don't know what other people think of her, especially chinese. never saw a chinese wear like that before at my workplace. i think this nanny should be Agilent mascot la.hehehehe.

* sorry for the rojak language. =P

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in☂an Jun$u said...

legging?blonde?mekap 10 inci?wearing 10-12inches of high heels in a factory??granny some more???aigoo...dlm palotak aku dok imagine maskot mekdi.cuma maskot tu tak pakai heels,n dia jantan.adess!